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United Kingdom Rehabilitation Treatment Costs

Rehab costs in the UK are over £6,000 for four-weeks in compared to a four-week drug and alcohol addiction programme in South Africa which will only cost £4,000

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Substance Use Disorders And Mental Health Rehabilitation

United Kingdom Drug And Alcohol Treatment Costs

UK Rehab Costs For Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Although there are free addiction and mental health services available in the United Kingdom they do come with waiting lists and are a lot inferiar to treatment clinics in South South. A one-month treatment programme in a residential rehab centre in the UK will cost somewhere between £4,000 to £10,000 per month for private treatment and detox programmes typically span seven to ten days at an estimated £2,000 which is extremly expensive in comparison to rehabilitation in South Africa.

Always remembering - rehab costs will rise substansualy if you require long-term aftercare treatment following your discharge from rehab.

Cheaper Rehab Prices For The UK

Rehab costs in the UK average £6,000 per month for a treatment programme. A drug and alcohol treatment programme in South Africa will cost £1.000.00 per week. Medical insurance is accepted. The amount that medical aid will cover depends on the medical cover you have.

Rather than asking how much does a drug and alcohol rehab cost rather consider the price of not getting help with your substance abuse issue or drinking problem. From a financial point of view, the cost of substance abuse and alocohol addiction often surpasses that of residential treatment.

Outpatient Detoxification Program

Outpatient detoxification programs in South Africa are included in our residential treatment program but are charged separately in accordance with the alcohol or drug addiction being treated. Detox is performed at a hospital under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Hospital detoxification usualy takes +-5 days.

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