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German rehabs can cost anything between $10,000 and $200,000 or more per month for drug or alcohol addiction treatment

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Germany Drug And Alcohol Treatment Costs

Germany Rehab Costs For Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Germany is known for its Luxury Rehab facilities and can cost anything between €10,000 to €200,000 or more per month for drug or alcohol addiction treatment depending on the individual rehab. We offer 28-day, 60-day or 90-day programs in South Africa for a fraction of the cost.

Always remembering - rehab costs will rise substansualy if you require long-term aftercare treatment following your discharge from rehab.

Cheaper Rehab Prices For Germany

Rehab costs in Germany are usualy a lot more than €10,000 for a four-week treatment programme in compared to a drug and alcohol treatment programme in South Africa which will cost 1,000 GBP for a week. Medical insurance is accepted by the rehab. The amount that medical aid will cover depends on the medical cover you have.

Rather than asking how much does a drug and alcohol rehab cost in Germany rather consider the price of not getting help with your substance abuse issue or drinking problem. From a financial point of view, the cost of substance abuse and alocohol addiction often surpasses that of residential treatment.

Outpatient Detoxification Program

For many addicts it is safest and preferable to detox under medical supervision in a German facility. Detox programmes in Germany typically span seven to ten days which are relatively expensive.

Outpatient detoxification programs are included in our residential treatment program but are charged separately in accordance with the alcohol or drug addiction being treated. Detox is performed at a hospital under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Hospital detoxification in South Africa usualy takes +-5 days.

When clients are admitted out of Germany to internationally rehabs such as Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa, we will work closely alongside other medical and sober transport agencies in Germany to ensure a safe and secure transport pathway to South Africa. On arival our team will meet you at the airport and shuttle you off for treatment.

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