Rehab Tourism in South Africa

Rehabilitation Tourism

Rehabilitation Tourism deals with addiction to substance abuse such as alcohol and drugs and for behaviours ranging from gambling to sex addiction

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Rehabilitation Tourism in South Africa

Rehabilitation Tourism in South Africa

Rehab Tourism

Rehab Tourism in South Africa has become extremely popular among Europeans suffering from addiction or mental health disorders due to South Africa been 65% cheaper than Europe. This allows you to get treatment for twice as long for the same price.

While Europeans account for most foreign rehab patients, new regions are making an entry. These included the Middle East because addiction doesn't officially exist in the Middle East due to drugs and alcohol been forbidden. That is why patients from the Middle East come to South Africa anonymously.

Foreign rehab patients tend to go to upmarket coastal rehabs such as Durban, Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town rather than in-land rehabs that offer very little.

Always remembering, South Africa is соnѕіdеrеd bу mаnу tо bе thе Mесса оf Rehabilitation Tourism due to the quality of care and costs.

Rehab tourism for people suffering from substance abuse use and mental health disorders іѕ meant to be a 'vacation' style of rehab. Some facilities tend to rеѕеmblе fіvе-ѕtаr rеѕоrtѕ and most are situated close to beach's and/or close to game farms.

Rehab tourism sometimes promotes the idea of wellness and wellbeing through treatment and include shopping outings, jogging on the beach, taking bike rides, yoga, gym and swimming with seals or dolphins, deep-sea fishing and walking with elephants, etc... - which does not mean it's tourism - it's treatment.

Rehabilitation Tourism

Thе ѕоft аррrоасh by some rehabs іѕ extremly аttrасtіvе tо recovering аddісtѕ. Regardless, rehab tourism is almost never a holiday and can involve extensive rehabilitation and long-term follow up aftercare.

Do Research!

In reality - Rehabilitation Tourism is taking someone out of their environment, out of the way of temptations, and the ability to choose a country that's based on cost, quality, acceptability, availability and privacy.

So don't be foolish. If you're seriously considering any form of rehabilitation in a foreign country, we highly recommend that you do independent research.

Most of all, check credentials such as registration and qualifications. Use reputable providers. Rehabilitation tourism offers unique opportunities and has the potential to transform your health and life. Reach out to us to help you find the best quality treatment centers tailored to your needs.

What is the Difference Between Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism?

Health tourism is the umbrella term for Wellness Tourism and Medical Tourism. Health tourism is mostly driven by overburdened health care systems in countries and exorbitant prices.

Health Tourism covers physical, mental and spiritual health through medical and wellness based activities.

Wellness Tourism focuses more on fitness, healthy eating, relaxation and beautifying of the body.

Medical Tourism involves the use of evidence based medical healing resources and services (both invasive and non-invasive). This may include diagnosis, treatment, cure, prevention and rehabilitation. Medical Tourism also includes Rehab Tourism and involves people travelling expressly to access substance abuse use and mental health disorders treatment.


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