Coronavirus Alcohol Ban - Lockdown South Africa

Alcohol Home Detox

Cele announced that there would be no buying or selling of alcohol during the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa.

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Coronavirus Lockdown South Africa

Coronavirus Alcohol Ban

Police Minister Bheki Cele announced that there would be no buying or selling of alcohol during the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa. The health minister added that it is in the best interest of South Africans. And it is also illegal to sell cigarettes in South Africa for the three weeks lockdown!

Does Home Detox Work?

There are ways to safely detox at home if you have discussed your addiction with a doctor or a professional in the field of addiction treatment.

If not - home detox can be dangerous if the alcoholic has been consuming alcohol for a long time, or consumes a high amount of alcohol on a regular basis.

Alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening to the alcoholic and the family. Symptoms range from anxiety to seizures and delirium tremors as well as mood swings, aggression, serious depression and even suicide.

This now puts the alcoholic, the family and the general public in danger.

If you encounter alcohol withdrawal symptoms while in lockdown rather call your doctor and get advice. Or contact an addiction helpline in South Africa or in your own country.


Marijuana is now legal in South Africa but it is also 'unhealthy' and has a negative impact on the addict and the family. Purchasing and smoking marijuana also results in people 'congregating' and 'spinning' joints between each other. Coronavirus spreads via coughing, touching a surface and via saliva.

To simplify it - marijuana causes airway injury, lung inflammation, and impaired pulmonary defence against infection, schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis (only to mention a few) coronaviruses attacks all of the aforementioned symptoms.

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As per date, there is no cure for coronavirus. The only defence mechanism is your immune system, which you need to keep strong by eating healthy, exercising and by reducing stress.

Walking dogs and jogging have also been banned. Exercise does, however, help maintain the immune system and helps with mental issues associated with been confined (it relaxes a person)

So take the time out and do some gardening and house chores. And find yourself a hobby (routine has the tendency of eliminating stress)


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